North Yorksire Police Ignore Illegal Hunting

April 2013

So North Yorkshire Police have dropped the case of illegal hunting against the York & Ainsty South Foxhounds, as the huntsman has lied and said the fox murder which we witnessed on the Escrick estate at the end of last season was an accident. Funny how the huntsman encouraged his hounds to run through thick crops just before they picked up on the fox, then didn’t think to intervine when they hunted it round and round in circles for minutes, then sounded the horn to celebrate the kill, hid the fox’s body, and rode past the police minutes after the kill without mentioning it isn’t it? It’s also funny how Wildlife Crime Officer PC Sarah Ward who took on the case always seems to pop up in cases against sabs as well, and continues with those cases no matter how petty they are. It’s also funny how she rides with the Badsworth & Bramham Moor Foxhounds, who kill foxes in breach of the Hunting Act week in week out. Just as the police have shown us the green light to fight back when we are assaulted (as they couldn’t give a funk what hunt members do to us), they have affirmed our suspition that there is no other way than confrontational hunt sabotage, as the law only works when they want it to. ACAB. AHAB.

Remains of the fox pictured