Jacob Whalley Convicted of Battery x3

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Following an attack on hunt saboteurs at a Northamptonshire meet of the Ryford Chase Rabbit Hounds and Pytchley Foxhounds on 22/3/2014, Mr Jacob Dean Whalley plead guilty and was convicted on 9/9/2014 of 3 counts of battery, contrary to section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988. Whalley was ordered to pay compensation of £450 to the victims, and court costs. During the attack, carried out by a number of hunt members, Whalley beat hunt saboteurs, seemingly at random with a stick, and kicked one in the head when she had been pushed to the ground.


The attack launched upon hunt saboteurs was neutralised at the time, and the rabbit hunt was abandoned as a result, before it had started. While we feel that Whalley’s sentence was too light, we are pleased that he was unable to get away with these assaults altogether.